Over 4 decades of infra-excellence

NCC has ventured into diverse sectors of construction and infrastructural development. Spanning across the nation, our construction activities are covered under buildings, transportation, water & environment, electrical (T&D), irrigation, mining and railways sectors. All the projects bear the indelible stamp of high quality. In the last 4 decades, we have registered remarkable growth, both in terms of number and variety of projects. We have progressed from strength to strength in building expertise within the organisation to handle complex and challenging projects. The veritable list of projects assigned to and completed by us, is testimony of our capability and commitment.

000 +

Building Projects

00,000 + KMS.

Water Pipelines

000,000 + ACRES

Land Irrigated

00,000 +

Villages Electrified

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India's leading infrastructure conglomerate


Buildings & housing are key measures of the growth and development of a nation, reflecting the living standards of its citizens. NCC has been a major player in this area, having contributed to construction, including industrial buildings, commercial buildings, housing projects, IT parks, shopping malls, sports complexes, hospitals and stadiums.

Water & Environment

Water has become a source of concern across the globe with the rapid degradation of the environment and unbridled exploitation of natural water resources. Management of water and waste water has assumed enormous significance and NCC plays a crucial role in this field. NCC has augmented its expertise to be able to execute various water supply, drainage systems and sewage treatment plants through specialised systems for high-value projects.


A strong transportation network shortens the mile, paving the way for better connectivity. Roads form the heart-line of transportation, establishing accessibility to the remotest part of the country, helping maximise economic and social benefits. NCC has proved to be a reliable executor of large-scale contracts within tight schedules. Working hand-in-hand with the government, NCC is working to transform the roads & highways network in the country.


The development of the nation is kept on track by the smooth movement of people and goods. NCC has undertaken to keep the wheels of growth in constant motion by engaging in projects involving dedicated freight corridors, zonal railway projects and private railway sidings.


The lifeline of farmers and the basic necessity to feed the vast population, irrigation infrastructure includes a network of major, medium and minor canals from Indian rivers, groundwater, well-based systems, tanks, and other rainwater harvesting projects for agricultural activities.


Spurred by the government of India's firm plans for private sector participation in the mining sector, NCC is digging into this business through Mine Developer-cum- Operator (MD0), removal of overburden and extraction and transportation of coal from Open Cast Mines in India.

Electrical (T&D)

The growing need for electrification across the nation has resulted in the impetus given by the government to speedily impart accessibility to power. NCC’s Electrical Division is equipped to handle extensive and demanding electrical construction projects. The vast repertoire of expertise in design, engineering, erection, testing and commissioning of EHV/ HV sub-stations & transmission lines, high voltage distribution systems, feeder separation schemes, have helped NCC plug in its strengths to various projects.


Key Projects


Encompassing diverse areas of construction pan India

NCC Limited has made a mark in the country as one of the largest listed companies in terms of revenue with proven expertise in buildings, transportation, water and environment, irrigation, electrical(T&D), mining and railways sectors. NCC Limited has expanded its footprint to have a pan India presence with offices across nine cities – Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Patna with headquarters located at Hyderabad.


Active projects across


by a visionary

To quote Dr. A V S Raju, Padma Shri Awardee and the Founder Chairman Emeritus, NCC Limited, “At NCC, we follow the three fold path of hard work, tenacity and common sense. Because, we believe wisdom is common sense to an uncommon degree. So, we all are attuned to finding new solutions to challenges old and new.”

Clearly, the culture of commitment and diligence in our organisation has been succinctly spelt out.

Strong foundation
of values

Outgrowing the belief that business exists for the sole purpose of profits, NCC has, in its culture, embedded the concept of sustainability in all the three perspectives viz. economic, social and environmental. The company’s goals are strategically aligned to ensure balanced growth by giving back to society. Values of honesty, integrity and transparency form the founding pillars of the company.

Experience of building large scale projects

The veritable list of NCC’s clientele including both public sector undertakings and private sector institutions are clear indicators of its abilities to deliver large scale projects on time maintaining the highest quality standards.

Driven by innovation
at every step

NCC’s holistic expertise stems from its constant dedication and pursuit of knowledge leading to innovative solutions to challenges. Belief in the talent, skill and commitment of the 11,000 employees coupled with training and development has been the reason for adoption/ improvisation of the latest technologies resulting in very satisfactory outcomes.

Focus on engineering excellence

Technically qualified engineers form the majority of the employees at both staff and line positions. The strong technological and engineering background lays the foundation for sound designs and impeccable implementation of projects. Keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field of construction, team NCC is always geared up to take initiatives for innovative designs and finding solutions to vexing problems.


Creating a brighter future with integrity and commitment

Creating a brighter future

Thanks to our dedicated leadership team and skilled workforce, NCC has continuously succeeded in meeting its objectives in terms of quality and timely delivery. NCC's four decades of endeavour and commitment has seen it foray into new divisions and crossed the billion dollar mark in turnover and 4 billion dollar mark in the Order Book.

  • Experienced and dedicated teams
  • Best-in-class engineering expertise
  • Time-bound delivery