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Corporate Social Responsibility
Shared responsibility and generosity for the society have long been part of the Indian tradition. The tradition continues at NCC, where corporate social responsibility is etched in the organisational DNA. It is therefore no surprise that at NCC, we continuously think of ways to direct wealth from successful business endeavours towards societal development. Our responsibility doesn’t end with mere thinking. NCC commits resources and effort.

To ensure that CSR remains an ongoing activity and receives maximum attention, we set up the NCC Foundation, earmarking a portion of NCC Limited’s net profit every year for the social and philanthropic activities of NCC Foundation. With a wide range of socio-economic and educational initiatives, NCC Foundation touches the lives of the unheard and unserved.
NCC Foundation : NCC Foundation Presentation
The NCC Foundation was registered in Hyderabad on 12.04.2007 by Sri. AGK Raju Executive Director of NCC limited.:
The aim of the trust is to work as a charitable organization with no profit motive and to bring about people centric development process with out any distinction as to colour, race, creed, gender, caste or religion and the main object of the trust shall include the following.
  To create and maintain and support need based and area specific services to poor and needy in the areas of (a) health care (b) Education support.
  To design organize and conduct health checkup, open and run primary health centers, to adopt villages and take up and implement, preventive, curative diagnostic health care schemes and to establish, run operate hospitals / health care centers, referral center at State, district, mandal and village levels.
  To design and organize and conduct training programmed to individuals for unskilled / skilled jobs.
  To design and organize training programme for individuals, conduct seminars, workshops, meeting on various subjects so as to improve the knowledge and standards and to serve as a forum for exchange of ideas and experience and dissemination of information.
  To open and run educational institutions including schools, graduate, post graduate and research institutions of all kinds.
  To undertake and bring out, publish print and exhibit for sale, magazines, books and newsletters etc. in furtherance of the objects of the trust.
  To undertake rural / community development projects and adopting villages for health, socio economic educational and community development.
  To establish, maintain and run studentships, scholarship and other kinds of aid including supply of aid including supply of books, stipends etc. without any distinction as to caste, color race creed and gender.
  To establish, and maintain or grant aid to institutions for the promotion of science, literature etc.
  To establish, maintain and grant aid for the maintenance of parks, gardens, clubs etc.
  To establish maintain and grant aid to old age homes and orphans etc.
  To establish, maintain institutions for the physically handicapped and disabled or mentally retarded persons and to provide them, food, clothing and education etc.
  To grant relief and render assistance to the victims during natural calamities.
  To grant aid or render assistance to other public charitable trusts or institutions.
  To coordinate and cooperate and join other trusts having similar objectives.
Sirisha Memorial Charitable Trust
Sirisha Memorial charitable trust was registered during the year 1998. The Chairman of the NCC Limited Sri A V S Raju has donated Ten acres of land in Pedakancharla Village near Patancheru and constructed accommodation for 100 students for lodging and boarding. This trust is meant for orphans. Free lodging boarding and education is provided to the orphan children and taking care of the health of the inmates. As of now 60 children are studying. Excellent amenities are provided to the inmates for lodging, boarding, health besides providing space for play ground and facilities for indoor games. All the 60 children are doing very well in their school education. The chairman and the trustees are committed for providing education to these inmates to any extent and anywhere in the globe. Regular health checkup, quality of food & education is ensured.
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