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Investor Queries / FAQs
1. Names of the Stock Exchanges on which the shares of the Company are listed.
The Equity shares of the company are listed on
(i) BSE Limited.
(ii) The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE).
2. What is the paid-up share capital of the Company?
The paid-up share capital of the Company is INR 121,96,93,176 divided into 60,98,46,588 Equity Shares of Rs. 2/- each.
3. What percentage of the paid-up capital of the Company is in dematerialised form?
As on 31st March, 2021, 99.85% of paid-up capital of the Company is in dematerialised form.
4. What are the Company's insider trading policies and norms?
NCC's insider trading guidelines are inline with the statutory requirements prescribed in this regard. Designated employees of the Company are prohibited from trading in the Company's securities during the closure of the trading window. A detailed code and presentation is available in Quick Links under "Insider Trading-Caution.
5. Are NCC's Investor Presentations available to retail investors?
The Company's I Presentations to Investors are available on its website.
6. Does NCC conduct in-house analyst meetings? Are these open to the public at large?
NCC conducts analyst meets at regular intervals and the presentations are available on the web site for the benefit of the general public.
7. What is the dividend payment policy of the Company?
NCC has been maintaining a consistent Dividend paying track record .Please refer Dividend Policy & History for further details.

8. Can a nomination once made be changed?
Nomination once made can be revoked by a shareholder by giving a fresh nomination. If the nomination is made by joint holders and one of the joint holders dies, the remaining joint holder/s can make a fresh nomination by revoking the existing nomination.
9. I have shares in the demat form. Can I send the nomination form to the company for making a nomination with respect to my shareholding?
No. For making a nomination with respect to dematted shares, you will have to approach your DP. In the account opening form provided by the Depository Participants, there is a provision for providing the name of the nominee. Please consult your Depository Participant for further details.
10. I have not received my dividend. What action do I take?
You may please write to the RTA furnishing the particulars of the dividend not received and also quoting your folio number / client ID particulars (in case of dematted shares). We will check our records and issue duplicate dividend warrant / DD / NEFT if the dividend remains unpaid in the records of the company.
11. What is the procedure for obtaining a duplicate dividend warrant?
If the validity period of the lost dividend warrant has not yet expired, you will have to wait till the expiry date since no duplicate can be issued during the validity of the original warrant. However, after the expiry of the validity period, if the dividend warrant is still shown as unpaid in our Bank Statement, we will issue a duplicate warrant / DD / NEFT(if you provide your Bank Account details) to your expeditiously.
12. Can I claim the old dividends relating to past years that have not been received by me?
As per the present law, if you have not received any of the dividends for the , past seven years, you may please write to the RTA with relevant particulars like folio number, No. of shares held, Name(s) of the Shareholders, the F.Y for which the Dividend amount has not been received , etc., and we will arrange to pay the dividend if it remains unpaid in our records.
13. Can I authorize my bank to receive dividend on my behalf?
Yes. You will have to write to us furnishing the name and address of the authorized bank and your folio number and we shall record your instructions accordingly and dispatch the warrant as per your mandate. Please note that this procedure is applicable only if you are holding shares in physical form.
14. Why can’t the Company take on record the bank details in case of Dematted shares?
As per the Depository Regulations, the company is obliged to pay dividend as per the details of demat shareholders furnished by the concerned Depository Participant. The company cannot make any change in such records received from the Depository.
15. How can I avail of the Electronic clearing Services (ECS) facility?
You should submit the ECS form duly completed along with a photocopy of the leaf of your cheque as advised in the Form and we will take due note of the same in our records. As a result, all subsequent dividends will be paid to you through direct credit to your bank account
16. I have lost / misplaced my share certificates. What are the steps that I should take to obtain duplicate share certificates?
Please inform RTA immediately about loss of share certificates quoting your folio number and details of share certificates if available. We shall immediately mark a caution on your folio to prevent any further transfer of the shares covered by the lost share certificates.

Simultaneously, you will have to lodge a complaint with the police regarding the loss of share certificate(s) and also comply with the following formalities: Furnish an acknowledged copy of the police complaint. Furnish an Indemnity Bond & Other required documents (format to be obtained from the RTA) for loss of share certificates.

Upon receipt of all the above documents we shall proceed to issue duplicate share certificates to you.

However please note that if the lost share certificates and the valid transfer deeds are lodged with the company by a third party for transfer, the case will have to be dealt with on the basis of relevant facts and we shall advise further course of action at that time.

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