About Us

Padma Shri Awardee

Dr. A V S Raju

Founder & Chairman Emeritus


We are committed to our vision of a brighter tomorrow

Looking back over the last 4 decades, I am glad about the steps we took to create a top-notch infrastructure and construction company.

NCC has not only succeeded in completing projects on time but in an effective manner, and has earned respect for its brand among customers, financial institutions, associates and shareholders.

The volatile nature of economies in general, poses a key challenge for companies in dealing with the uncertainties. However, I am confident that our core values will provide us with adequate strength to face them. And that’s precisely why I believe that NCC is poised to play bigger role in the infrastructure development of the nation.

Our journey till date has been very challenging. Thanks to our dedicated management team and skilled workforce, we have succeeded in keeping all our promises. NCC’s four decades of endeavour and commitment have seen it foray into new divisions and cross the billion dollar mark in turnover and 4 billion dollar mark in the Order Book.

Going ahead, we will continue our journey towards the larger vision of building a brighter world. I firmly believe and wish the company uninterrupted success while continuing to maintain its core values. I will end with Vince Lombardi’s quote: “Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work.”

Mr. A A V Ranga Raju

Managing Director


The legacy of commitment and excellence continues

Mr. A A V Ranga Raju, Managing Director is spearheading the future growth plan for NCC. He articulates a clear vision with a focus on improving operational efficiency. His inspiration is his father Dr. A V S Raju, Founder & Chairman Emeritus from whom he has learnt not to compromise on values.

Mr. A A V Ranga Raju's motivation, enthusiasm, and intense commitment are crucial ingredients in directing his personal energy towards ensuring that NCC's efforts have an impact.

The charismatic leader has been with the company, now a listed enterprise, in a variety of roles for 40 years and in this time has seen it develop from a building construction firm to one that is a trusted name in infrastructure – including Buildings, Transportation, Water & Environment, Irrigation, Electrical (T&D), Railways and Mining. Mr. A A V Ranga Raju is one who believes in quality over quantity.


Expanding our footprints geographically

From very modest beginnings as a construction company called Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd. about four decades ago, today NCC Limited stands tall as a conglomerate encompassing various facets of construction and infrastructure building. The key focus of NCC has always been to deliver on time adopting the best practices in the industry and conforming to high quality standards.

Not restricting its operations to the city of its inception, NCC has forayed into multifaceted ventures across the country.